“Those” Conversations!


How many conversations are you letting go of that need to be said? We think that by letting it go and avoiding the conversation then we will some how free ourselves from the task.In some way, shape or form we will pay for this avoidance. Speaking up and asserting ourselves in a way that gives you the freedom to say what needs to be said without causing an argument is a HUGE challenge however the more we practice the better we get at it and the more freedom we have.

Imagine if you had the tools to be able to say what you had to now. As Leaders we use many powerful tools when managing teams to get them to perform and move into the direction we need them to within the business.

However do we use conversation tools when speaking to get our message across effectively?  An effective tool I use is around preparing the receiver for the message that they may hear something they are not going to like, that will make them feel uncomfortable or will challenge them.

Two great examples I use is “I need to speak to you about something and I believe you’re not going to like what I have to say”

“I need to speak with you about something and I am going to be straight with you”

This powerful set up will prepare the receiver for what you are about to say. The receiver will be open to the message and won’t feel like you have slapped them in the face as you have told them it’s coming.

I encourage you to test it out and develop some of your own language around how you can prepare someone for your message.How can you powerfully set up a conversation so the way you communicate has the power to call people to action and change? Let me know your one-liners that have worked recently for you below.