A Verbal Bitch Slapping

The words you speak create the reality you inhabit. Your conversations hold power, immense power. Power to open up possibilities and to close them down, power to forge relationships that last a lifetime and to end them in seconds, power to build trust and to erode it, power to incite violent rage and power to […]


Cruzin for a Bruzin

What do you do with an employee who just doesn’t want to work? They are highly skilled, valuable members of the team but their attitude stinks and they are dropping the ball more often than they should be. Small mistakes are happening, snarky remarks and a bad attitude are creeping in. Do we confront it […]


Chinese Whispers

If it doesn’t build them up, then don’t bother. As leaders it is our job to facilitate the growth and development of our people. But what do we do when we get caught up in the rumour mill? Whilst we might think we are acting is someone’s best interests by discussing an issue, we usually […]


Unspoken Message

From a young age we have been taught to listen to what others are saying. Listen before you speak! We are pre-programmed to listen to what is said but not what is truly meant to be heard. We are always ready to make assumptions or take things at face value due to our busy lives. […]

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Shaking it out

Have you ever shaken someone’s hand and thought about what it means? A hand shake is a light into ones personality or intension. Are you confident, dominant, submissive, lack credibility? What message are you portraying? When you are working with people in Business it is important to understand this and model your own hand shake […]


Power of Positive Words

Every morning I get my team to read positive affirmations before we start the day. It seemed a little fluffy but you know what? It works. The mood throughout that day is energised with positive minds. The teams results and goals are achieved with hard work. The vibe of the team is welcoming Another activity […]