Cruzin for a Bruzin

What do you do with an employee who just doesn’t want to work?

They are highly skilled valuable members of the team but their attitude stinks and they are dropping the ball more often then they should be.

Small mistakes are happening, snarly remarks and bad attitude is creeping in.

Do we confront it head on and just have one of “those” chats, or do we hope that it will just BLOW over?

In my experience these options only end in undesirable outcome.

As a manager your job is to coach your team through their daily activities guiding them to succeed and become exceptional at what they do.

It is important that when you see any employee start to become withdrawn that you step in and help steer them back on track.

Employee engagement is what every business and manager wants but seldom gets.

It comes with a high price that many of us are not will to pay Time……!

Time out of your day actually working along side your team and paying attention to what is happening around you.

10 Moral Boosting Activities:

1. Catch your team members doing something right.

We are always quick to discipline and we sometimes forget to pick out all the good things someone is doing over the mistakes.

2. Keep an open conversation going.

Care Authentically about your employees. Ask them about there children, family, hobbies.  remember these things and have a conversation with your employee about what interest them.

3. Encourage your staff to take breaks.

Go out with them if need be by inviting them to go and get a coffee for 5 mins. The more often you allow yourself to rest your mind the more productive you will be.

4. Have Fun. 

Have a morning tea day where everyone brings a plate or if the business can afford it see if the business can facilitate the morning tea, after work drinks can be another way to show appreciation and allow people to socialise and unwind.

5. Create silly rituals in the workplace.

In my team I will sometimes get up randomly and do a little dance. The girls will smile and look at me strangely but 95% of the time I will get a laugh in return and the mood lightens.

6. Team Wind Downs / Turbos.

A 5min debrief at the end of the day where your team can share what they learnt, their challenges and what they would like to change.

Great way to allow the team to debrief and leave work at work.

7. Encourage and Implement Positive and Constructive Language in the Workplace.

The words we speak play an important part in how our lives unfold. I use with my team positive sayings or Famous Quotes before we open for the day to set the mood.

8. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Having fun and allowing your employees to share in that fun can really make or break a team. Laughing at your mistakes and sharing them can also help with creating an open honest dialogue amongst your team members and yourself.

It also allows people to speak up without fear of judgment.

9. Coach your employee’s don’t just manage them.

By changing the way you think and your attitude as a Manger you can change your whole team and your organisation. A coach helps someone find the answers from within instead of telling someone how to do something. There is a time and place for both style’s of Management but I believe Coaching should be the dominate practice.  Read “Manager as Coach” by Jenny Rogers,

10. Communal Decision Making

Evolving your team in the decision making process can be a huge moral booster. They feel empowered and start to believe in your cause.