Chinese Whispers

If it doesn’t build them up, then don’t bother.

As leaders it is our job to facilitate the growth and development of our people.

But what do we do when we get caught up in the rumour mill?

Whilst we might think we are acting is someone’s best interests by discussing an issue, we usually are not.

If it doesn’t build the person up then DON’T!

People will gossip and talk.
Water cooler chatter is a standard part of any work place.
 What makes YOU different is if you partake in this chatter.

The difference between successful people and the rest of the world is that people will talk about those who are succeeding. From a young age society has influenced us to accept the behaviour of back stabbing and malicious chatter.
The norm seems to be to put as many people down as possible.
Jealousy fuels this and before we know it backstabbing becomes the new vogue.

Here are a few key tips I use to help me manage through this:

Remember being successful will make others jealous or envious of your success
Having a strong network of like minded positive people can keep you on track
As a leader protect and support your team by not participating in work place chatter or sharing in the rumour mill 
Calmly confront a person face to face if you believe someone has started a rumour that is not true and clarify things. This could deter them from continuing. 
You have the power to stop gossip and rumours in their tracks. Don’t tell someone something unless it will build them up and make them stronger.
Focus on your own issues…Have you ever heard the saying “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!”
The let’s-ask-so-and-so approach. Here’s another way of killing rumors. When a malicious rumor starts about so-and-so, suggest asking so-and-so about it. People are likely to stop because, for the most part, people want to talk behind other people’s backs, not in front of their faces.

Remember to be the change you want to see and if all else fails, just keep to yourself. 
The people who will try to sabotage and be negative will always be this way and when you are standing where you dreamed you would be “those” people are usually the ones left behind.