Are you prepared for the journey?

When I first started in a role managing a team, a very important person advised me:
“I believe my job is to take my people on a journey as a leader.”

I never fully understood what this meant. I found it was a nice thought for my direct leader to share with me but it had no real meaning until now.

As a leader your people are your success and without them you will never be successful.
The workload a leader has to attend to is more than one person alone can manage. We are appointed as leaders or managers to delegate aspects of our role to others and manage them while completing these tasks.

A team helps a leader achieve what is required to get the job done. A team also allows a company as a whole or other elements of a business to achieve more than they ever thought possible or was set as part of a key performance indicator.

A team is really important!

Every team in history who ever achieved something significant had to work together through thick and thin, tragedy and success.

Life is a journey so why don’t we make our work life a journey also. Our personal time and work is all part of life’s journey.

The word journey is defined as “an act of travelling from one place to another” or “to travel somewhere.”

In our work life when we become a leader or a manager of a team we start at a point and finish at a point, with a hope to have achieved more than we ever set out to.

So why don’t we apply this journey idea when we walk as leaders through our daily tasks.
Who are we taking with us and what do we hope to achieve? Will we be changed?

When we begin our day do we hope to have moved forward from where we started?

I want to challenge you with this thought. Are you taking your team on a journey with you each day, what will you achieve together and how will you measure this success?

Everyday I make sure I have a purpose for that day and my team. I meet with them and make them part of that purpose.
We embark on the journey together, celebrating our successes and our setbacks.
We consider what we have learnt and what we will do better next time.

By embarking on this journey I have a stronger and more high performing team as a result.

I challenge you to give it a go today.

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