Pam Barker Leadership Coach

In 2013 I had the realisation that people management and leadership was one of the most exciting parts of my job.

This pushed me to strive for excellence in this area and a concept was formed called Leadership Shoebox.

I know in my wardrobe I have many shoeboxes that are labeled. In these boxes are items that I want to keep for one day or for tomorrow. The items are safe and accessible.

As women we all love shoes in some shape or form. I personally don’t have a shoe fetish however I admire those who do. The dedication one shows is fascinating to watch.

My vision is to Lead, Motivate and Inspire all women to access personal development programs and coaching. My vision is that she grows and becomes the women she was born to be. Imagine all women treated fairly and having access to education and development that places us forward fairly for leadership roles.

A world where she can be vulnerable and taken seriously. She is not afraid to dare greatly and have it all.

About me:

My name is Pam Barker, I am a leadership coach who specialises in behavioural change and this is my vision.

I believe by changing some of our behaviours we can create positive changes in our lives as leaders and human beings.

We have the ability to shape the leaders of tomorrow and by doing this we can make the changes required to see a better world.

I have more then 10 years experience managing teams within the finance and beauty industry.

I want to help you become all you can be and I believe becoming an amazing leader starts way before you are in that CEO Management Role.

I like you are on a journey to be all I can be. I am a cyclist and enjoy spending time with my sister on the weekends riding along the bay. I am passionate about women rights, equality and living in a world that values Humility over all else. The belief that no one or nothing is worth more or less than the other. That all beings deserve respect and freedom.

I love my veggie garden and a fine wine. Yes I am a vegetarian and Love Yoga!

I am to a woman who wants it all!

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