A Verbal Bitch Slapping

The words you speak create the reality you inhabit. Your conversations hold power, immense power. Power to open up possibilities and to close them down, power to forge relationships that last a lifetime and to end them in seconds, power to build trust and to erode it, power to incite violent rage and power to inspire peaceful revolution.

Playing safe in your conversations is not just cowardly, it’s costly. If there is something you genuinely want to say, chances are someone genuinely needs to hear it.

How to have a crucial, successful conversation.

“You have within you the ability to learn how to speak up about any issue with any person at any time throughout your life.”

“Issues that aren’t talked out are acted out, exacting a steep price on your relationships, your success and your life.” – Margie Warrell

1) Set your intention – What outcome do you want?
Focus on this during your conversation and don’t forget what the ideal outcome is that you want.

2) Have emotional control over yourself.
Emotions are contagious.
If you become upset and irrational your conversation will not go so well.
People will stop listening to you as your message becomes distorted.

3) Silence is golden.
Be still and just listen.
Listen to the unsaid.
Don’t be afraid to allow silence to follow your sentence

4) Mean what you say.
Speak only the truth and make sure you act with integrity.
Issues that are not spoken about get acted out.

5) Separate your story and opinion from the facts.
When we are in the midst of a difficult circumstance our reality can sometimes become distorted by our story.
Focus on the facts only.
Remove absolutes and excuses.