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The Fantastic 4

Have you ever wanted to know what the secret to never taking anything personally was? I Have just finished reading a book called the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book is sensational. What would it really be like if you could actually see peoples behaviour for what it really was? In life we […]

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A leadership style theory

Understanding the basic styles of leadership can help you understand a mangers role in more  depth. There are many different styles and frame works out there that measure the types of management behaviours. The most common style matrix is the Transformation Leadership model. The model was developed in 1978 by James McGregor Burns and is […]

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Cruzin for a Bruzin

What do you do with an employee who just doesn’t want to work? They are highly skilled valuable members of the team but their attitude stinks and they are dropping the ball more often then they should be. Small mistakes are happening, snarly remarks and bad attitude is creeping in. Do we confront it head […]


Taming the inner child

When I was growing up, I talked a lot. You couldn’t shut me up and, in fact, I was made wrong for it. When I was 8 years old I was given a dummy as a present and teased by my family. They would chase me around the house saying “Pamela talks a lot.” Little […]